Mariusz Szubryt
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Product engineer, consultant, and collaboration advocate.

I’m a frontend-oriented engineer dedicated to help people deliver quality solutions. I most enjoy building software in the sweet spot where design and engineering meet - things that look good but are also built well under the hood.


I currently work as a Lead Engineer at Certifier logoCertifier, a digital credentials infrastructure. I’m actively contributing to product growth and maintaining a smooth developer experience. Over the years, I have been part of many projects and partnered with various brands.

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I focus on getting things done, moving fast, and breaking nothing. I believe in building foundation that stands the test of time, understanding the crucial balance between quick delivery and long-term benefits of organized and well-documented code.

I mostly use Next.js logoNext.js, an open-source React logoReact framework. I like to truly understand how things work and gain real confidence in the technologies I use and the decisions I make.


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