Mariusz Szubryt
Product Engineer

Mariusz Szubryt

Frontend-oriented product engineer and optimist with a strong interest in the entire product development cycle. I integrate technical and business perspectives to help people build robust & quality software. I know it's crucial to efficiently deliver solutions that work well for end-users while also recognize the long-term benefits of writing clean, organized and well-documented code. I'm all about bulding a culture of trust, shared success, and a healthy work environment.

I currently work at Certifier logoCertfier, where I lead the frontend part of the product. Over the years I've actively contributed to the progress of several projects and teamed up with various brands: BrandBuddies logoBrandBuddiesStatscore logoStatscoreDeliGoo logoDeliGooFansi logoFansiARPI Group logoARPI Group. This experience has not only allowed me to view the industry from different roles and angles but has also helped me with personal and professional growth.

I'm familiar with different 🧰 frameworks and tools, but I don't limit myself to specific ones. Instead, I focus on understanding the core principles and rules that underlie technological choices. This approach helps me stay flexible and adapt to changing product needs. I always try to choose the right solution for the job and keep things simple. I continue to develop my career being a T-shaped person, leveraging my curiosity and commitment to lifelong learning.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family and hanging out with friends. During the winter season, you're more likely to find me on the 🎿 ski slopes rather than at home. I'm also up for 🚲 biking and playing ⚽ football. I've been a passionate Real Madrid Real Madrid fan since 2001.

If you're into product development stuff or just want to chat or ask questions, you can find me on LinkedIn or drop an email at I'm ready to kickstart your product, are you?